Friday, November 26, 2010

Humbling experience.

My guy has been in Tokyo for almost 2 weeks now (he'll be back on Monday) so I've been taking advantage of my alone time by gutting out closets full of crap. MY crap to be exact.

I came across more than a few funny items but among them was a handful of old cheques from my job at the ACC. There are 3 of them and they're between 2 and 3 bucks apiece. I never cashed them because I found it hilarious to get cheques for such a ridiculously small amount.

Thing is ... now I need all the help I can financially, and these "funny" cheques, as small as they are, would help a lot. But I'm wondering if they can still be cashed. How late is too late to cash a cheque? And how pathetic is it to attempt to cash 3 cheques worth less than $9.oo total, about 8 years after the fact?

I think I'll probably just deposit them in the machine as opposed to doing it face-to-face with a teller. In my mind, I feel like I'd get a lot of pity glances from the teller, even though I live in an area of the city that houses a LOT of people worse of than myself.

If I end up not getting the money for them (as in, it's too late to cash them), I'll be okay. I can still get by, but it's quite interesting to find yourself in a situation in life where you end up having to really think hard about something as bizarre, and humbling, as this. Especially at this time of year when it seems to be all about how much *money* you spend *on* somebody as opposed to being about how much *time* you spend *with* somebody. I kinda wish that more people would find themselves in this situation, if only to better understand the true importance and meaning of "holiday spirit".


  1. I still have my last unionized paycheck..Dec. 15, 1996 for $3, it was a $15 xmas bonus, less union dues of $ I kept it for the same was so small, and what a joke, the union takes the bulk of it!!
    I dont think you are going to have any luck cashing them, they are way beyond stale dated.

  2. it's too late to cash them hon. cheques are only good up to 1 year, but maybe if you try the company will send you a reissue? but that's a maybe. good luck!

  3. Very well said. Memories have nothing to do with how much one spends.