Friday, August 5, 2011


Since turning 40 in May (oh yeah - guess I should write about that sometime too!) I've been thinking more about life in general and what happened to me in the first 4 decades of my life.

This has been quite overwhelming and a wee bit depressing at times, but it's made me aware of my day-to-day activities, habits (both good and bad) and what I have and have not accomplished in my life. So far.

It also made me realize that certain things are most definitely out of my control, but the things that are in my control really aren't being tended to so I'm taking steps to making a change.
Baby steps, of course.

I took a book out of the library titled "It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan For Living A Richer Life With Less Stuff" by Peter Walsh and it's made me see my home and my possessions from a completely different perspective.
If you are in the mood for spring / fall cleaning or just want to shake things up a bit at home, I cannot recommend this book enough.

It's had such an impact on me that I have gone gangbusters enough to give a name to my decluttering: DEPLETAPALOOZA!!
I'm trying to not feel like I have too much on my plate so I'm breaking down the cleaning and reorganizing into small segments each day. Listing what I've done each day on here will, I believe, help me remember what I've done and also keep my motivation up to continue this amazingly freeing activity. Heck, maybe it can even spark something in one of you readers to start your own little cleanup! :P

This is what I've done so far.

Days 1 to 4 consisted of:

- emptying 2 bins of stuff from under bed and trashing / recycling most of the contents
- going through huge stack of newspapers / magazines and reading and recycling them
- starting daily shredding (10 minutes a day)
- cleaning off table in living room
- dustbusting hard-to-get-at corners in living room
- whackloads of backed-up laundry
- finding and sorting old report cards
- organizing bills and paystubs in folder
- going through fridge and throwing out old gross "food"
- thoroughly cleaning off file drawers by front entrance and starting organization inside
- taking lunchboxes off of small bookcase in living room and replacing with dvds and TIFF programmes / binder of tickets
- donating 30 books and a few old toys to a shelter

Some of it doesn't sound like much, but altogether it's quite a handful!

Will keep posting little tidbits each day so that I can (1) stay on track, and (2) get back into the habit of writing. If I keep my head on straight and don't put so much pressure on myself to write something perfect every single time I post, I should be able to have a cool blog again!

Happy Depletapalooza everyone!

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