Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Vision Board!

I am so happy and proud to say that I created my very first Vision Board!!

Spent a few hours over at my friend Beth's place and put it together on her dining room table. I had collected a bunch of images from magazines I had at home and then went through more at her place, as well as adding puffy, sticky letters and flowers that she had on hand.

My focus for this board was strictly Creativity. There are quite a few things I want/need to work on in my life, but I truly feel that by concentrating on the creative aspect of my life, it will help everything else fall into place ... however long that takes. Years ago, I quit a well-paying job with the ACC and MLSEL (Maple Leafs) to go into theatre. It led me down the road of poverty and I'm still playing catchup, but I knew then (and still feel today) that it was the right choice because I listened to my gut and followed it whole-heartedly. I have no idea where my creative life will take me, but I know that not tapping into it completely for the past few years, I have felt the void and have not been as happy as I should be. Choosing to make my Vision Board all about my untapped creative potential is, I believe, the key to my happiness, and I cannot wait to see where my journey will take me.

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