Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Am I even making sense??

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm starting my first blog post on here since August.

Does this mean that the 17th time is the charm? Is it 27 times by now?
I'm secretly hoping that because I haven't stopped writing completely, it's an excellent sign that I can still produce something witty.

I'm going to (desperately) try to do updates on the blog on the one-woman show I'm finally tackling.
Maybe I should wait til I've had a wee bit of sleep before I delve into the details on here. Even though I'm not overwhelmingly tired, my brain is still letting me know that I should really hit the hay and come back again when the sun is up. Sounds like a good plan.

Now just you watch - my head will hit the pillow and then my eyes will suddenly spring open. Pfft.

Well, I've got a lamp by the side of the bed, so I think I'll bring a pen and paper with me in case something comes to mind. Hopefully I'll write on the paper and not the pillow, though that's a pretty funny idea for a scene .....

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