Friday, December 27, 2013

4000 hits on the blog and counting!

Wow! My counter says that I've just passed 4000 hits on my blog! That's insane!

When I started to write daily for Shannon and Jamie's Kickin' It Old-Skool Blog-a-thon, my counter was at a tiny bit over 2900. That's quite the jump for not even a month later!

This is such fabulous inspiration that I've got some wonderful ideas for posts for 2014. Here's hoping that I stay inspired!

If any of you have a topic that you'd like to hear my thoughts on, I'd love to hear about them! Shoot me a message or comment anytime!

Thank you all for being such an incredible community out there!!

1 comment:

  1. Wowza, huge jump in hits! Awesome. I got your package today I am sooooooooo sorry it took me so long to go retrieve it! I have packages sent to a mailbox service, because I don't trust that I'll get them if I have them delivered at home, and this last week's been so busy that today was the first chance I got to go check it. I love the contents!!! Love the papers and the stickers. And, FOR SURE, let's get together when you're in town in March! Let me know when you'll be here. And I've been looking for more reasons to write handwritten letters, cards, postcards and such, so the penpal thing sounds wonderful! Wishing you a great weekend. HUGS!