Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 18: Make A Wish

"As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also."

I sat for a few minutes thinking about doing a list of what I wish for. After I typed the first line, it dawned on me that I didn't need to do a whole list. What came out of me as the first line, is really all I need to focus on, and wish for not only myself but everyone out there.

I wish to focus more on positive news than negative news.

Kinda sounds too easy, but holy cow, it's a lot more difficult than it seems! When I was a teenager, I used to get up at the crack of dawn, make a pot of coffee, and read the newspaper cover to cover. I had been through some traumatic events in my life, and as a result, became obsessed with all the negative stories and events taking place throughout the world. Funny thing is, even though it wasn't the last one, I always left the entertainment section as the last to read. I may have concentrated mostly on bad news, but made sure that I cleansed my palate with some fun after it all.

I don't read the paper like that anymore, and have to admit that I'm quite happy being ignorant in a lot of topics because I just don't want to be inundated with so much negativity. If you want to call me stupid for being that way (and trust me, people have - my exhusband called me that every day for a decade), then that's your problem, not mine. I've talked about how sensitive and emotional I am on here a few times, and I can't just turn it all off with a snap of a finger. When I read about something horrible going on in the world, it kills me that I can't help in any way. I try to compensate by doing as much for charity that I can here at home, because I love helping people, and I can see that what I'm doing is contributing a lot (even in small doses).

I'm very thankful I stopped watching tv almost 15 years ago too. If there are shows I have heard about that I want to watch, I either do it online or wait for the dvds. The amount of bad news is overwhelming. Every year I go to the hospital for my mammogram and sit in the waiting area for my name to be called. They have a tv mounted high up in the corner across from the nurses desk and it's always on CP24 (a Toronto news channel). In the past, they had the sound off and had the closed captions on the bottom of the screen. Now the volume is turned way up. So I'm sitting in a hospital and report after report of awful news is being spewed at me. I can't go anywhere because I have to be able to hear my name, but people think I'm nuts when I pick up a chair and move it to the completely opposite side of the area, far away from the tv. I'll take a bunch of weird looks any day if it means I can keep a clear head, thank you!

The choice I make to not pay attention to all the bad stuff means that I have all that more time to look for the GOOD stuff. The links below are some of the sites that I look at semi-regularly for positive news.

Good News Network
Daily Good
Good News Yahoo
Huff Post Good News

Do you know any sites for positive/happy newsstories? I'd love to hear them!

Bad news/issues still affect me, and for 2014, I'd like to focus more on not only paying attention to more positivity, but also doing more positive things. My wish from that, is that it will pay itself forward and help others feel better and do the same. I can't ask for anything healthier than that!

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  1. What an excellent wish! I am trying to stop paying so much attention to the bad in the world too and you're right, it's hard. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.