Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 29: Sunday Selfie - Future You

"Share with us who you aspire to be. Share a selfie that tells us something about the person you're becoming."

I took this picture of myself once my weekend crossword tournament was all done a couple of years ago in New York. Even though it was March, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the view. When I was nearing the halfway point, I suddenly felt this calm wave flow through me.and pulled out my camera. I took the picture immediately and the expression on my face reveals exactly how I was feeling. I wish I could say that I look at this shot a lot, especially on days when I might not feel as great or as confident as I should. Sitting here now makes me realize I need to start doing just that. 

This is how I would like to be on a daily basis: calm, happy, and carefree. I believe that I've truly begun my journey in becoming this person, and that makes me feel ... well, just take a gander at that picture again!

There will be more bridges to cross in my life, but I know in my gut that this beautiful memory will help me get over them. And every time, it will make me stronger.

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